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From Anonymous, Tue, Nov 5, 2013 10:40 pm
comment = From a very tired parent THANK YOU! It helps to get a quick refresher when you’ve
been up since four in the morning to help my DAUGHTER AND HERE

From Anonymous, Aug 2, 2013

comment = I was reading your rounding rules. At the bottom where you are
rounding 2,827 to the nearest thousand you put 2,000. Shouldn’t it be 3,000?

Reply: Thanks for the feedback. You are right. I have made the correction.

From Saabirah J, Nov 13, 2012

comment = Hi, My name is Saabirah J , I think you program is great. My boys and
I had a wonderful time using it today. I think we will make this a part of our
daily routine...

Thanks for the feedback saabirah j. I am glad you and your boys found the site useful.

Denzil Adams, Founder


From Anonymous, Wed, Jan 30, 2013
comment = Just found this today, actually my 5th grader did.  She wanted to
make sure she did her homework correctly (leaf and stem) and then she wanted to
go ahead and get familiar with todays math lesson at school.  This is going to
be a site we will be going to for anything math, love how it's kid friendly
and all the colors in the lesson.

Great Job and the best part is it  FREE


From Marc, Oct 23, 2012

comment = hey, i think your website looks great and its really helpfull.
I just wanted to let you know that you have a typo at the ABOUT US page in the
WHO WE ARE section. Its on the third paragraph and its the 10th word.
Have a nice day!

Thanks for the feedback Marc.
I have implemented a plan to review all pages for spelling and grammatical errors on Your feedback really helps me with this process.
Thanks again.


From Anonymous,  Oct 29, 2012

comment = couldn't get video of distribution math boxes to show just
continued to load.  Also downloaded the PDF reader to make sure Computer was

Reply: Thanks, I will look into it.


From Marc,  Oct 23, 2012

hey, i think your website looks great and its really helpfull.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a typo at the ABOUT US page in the
WHO WE ARE section. Its on the third paragraph and its the 10th word.

simply did�t know was the mistake

Have a nice day! :D

Reply: Thanks for the feedback Marc.
I have implemented a plan to review all pages for spelling and grammatical errors on Your feedback really helps me with this process.
Thanks again.
Denzil Adams


From Shannon, June 10, 2012


I came to this site to find practice word problem worksheets for my 8 year old son.  I
was surprised to find that several of these worksheets have significant spelling and
grammatical errors including lack of punctuation and wrong verb tense.  The example
attached even misspells the word “wrapping” as “rapping” (and the question has
nothing to do with Hip Hop music).  I will still use these as an additional learning
opportunity for my son by asking him to correct the English errors prior to solving
the word problems.  However, I would like to know, were the errors intentional?

Thank You,

Reply: Dear Ms. Christner,

First let me apologize for the late response as I have had some complications with my
Yahoo account that took longer than expected to correct.  I appreciate your feedback
regarding the Multiplication Worksheet Problems on page one.   I would like you to
know that I have implemented a plan to review all pages for spelling and grammatical
errors on  I hope you continue to visit the site with your son.  Your
feedback is welcomed and can assist me in knowing how my visitors view and use
the site.
I do apologize for any inconvenience caused by the errors.  

Denzil Adams


From Cassandra, May 9 2012

I was having a hard time figuring out partial products. I went to
Khan academy with all the information there they only had partial quotent. I
came to this web site and it gave me step by step instructions and I do not have
a headache any more. Thank you so much for everything. Could you also do word
problems on this  site? Thanks for your help. Cassandra


From Kathleen, Apr 22, 2012

I am a sixty-one year old woman doing college online. I am going for
my BA in Psychology. Needless to say it has been a v-e-r-y long time since I did
anything like geometry! I am now in College Math and this site has helped me
tremendously, especially in finding formulas for area,etc. You are now in my
Thank you


From Anonymous, Apr 7, 2012

Thank you for the easy to use site!  As with many parents, it has
been years since I even thought of Median, Mode, and Range (I don't even
remmber range).  This site helped me to better understand what I was attempting
to help my daugher understand.  The downloadable practice problems with answers
included was a time-saver & life-saver, and I love the video clips as
reinforced teaching methods.  I have bookmarked this site and will use it often
(I have a toddler and pre-schooler who will also benefit).


From Tiffany,

I am going to school for my ged I passed everything except for math.
I stumbled across this site and this is just so easy to understand, I feel with
using this website that I will make it on the next test go around. Thanks for
this wonderful website!  Tiffany


Date:Tue, Nov 29, 2011 11:04 pm
comment = You may want to proof read the explanations before
final submission
to the site. (Read the composite number definition). The
information is easy to
understand when accompanied by a chart for the students that
require a more
visual approach to learning.

Reply: Hi, first thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. Second, I have
updated that page (
composite numbers ). Let me know what you think? Thanks!


Date:Wed, Nov 16, 2011 6:49 pm
comments = I just wanted to thank you so much for this perfect explanation, I
was lost until I found your website!   THANK YOU!!!  Sincerley,   Sandy
(a 4th graders mother)


comment = On the following page, you have the Distributive Property of
Division. Division does not have a distributive property. The example says that
16/(2+4) = 12. This is incorrect.

Answer: Thanks for pointing that out...I have now deleted that. The Distributive Law
does not work for division.


comment = adding improper fractions

Answer: Yes, I will work on that page over the weekend. Thank you


comment = this website is pretty helpful BUT doesn't really contain the
information I was looking for!

Answer: Tell us what you were looking for so we can get working on it or point you in
the right direction


comments = You should have a new site for reading and grammar because
need help with that to.Last year when I discovered this I was happy and
disappointed that they don't have anything for the New York State Reading
Test. Please create a new site for reading.Students come to this site just for
learning,why not have reading in it to.I love coming to this site.Thanks for
creating it or I would have never gotten the proper help I needed.If I ever see
anybody needing help in the math I will suggest this very great site,that I
belive is the best.And if I ever go to see a critic I will say be a internet
critic and go to and give it a
100,000,000,000,000,00000000 00000000000000000000000000000
star reward


comments = I am so excited I found this website. 2 of my granddaughter are
having difficulty in math. I w/have them this weekend and I can wait to
teach them basic easy math, thanks to your wonderful website w/charts and
worksheets. I w/let you know how it works out. Thank you, thank you, thank you
for your site.


comments = i never heard of fraction name collection boxes until my
daughter had
it for homework and i didnt have a clue how to find the answer thanks to
you all
we got her homework done!


comments = yea i love your site it will help a lot of our students a lot thank


comments = THANK YOU THANK YOU!  My youngest son struggles with
this Everyday
math method which the schools do next to nothing to help the parents
it.  How can I help them if I don't know how to do it?  In the last hour
your site has taught me more than I have understood in the last 8 years of
kids doing this math.  I am so excited.  Thank you from the bottom of my
Keep the videos coming!


comments = I have looked for help with some math problems my child
has brought
home to do. I have forgotten how to do some fractions. I would like to be
to send you the problem and you show me how it is done. I then will be
able to
explain it to my child. I think this would help us older parents to learn and
help. Thank You


comments = I wanted to download the square root symbol and place it in a
worksheet with a number in it.  I could not find any symbols that would
even though the page indicated that there were free symbols.  I saw the
very one
I wanted but there was no link to download it. I do not understand what
you are
offering if I can't download what I see on the page.


comments = on the prime and composite sheet, #1 is hilighted in black,
which is
as you labeleed it, a composite. but it is not a composite nor prime
number. it
is called a  lonesome number.     
Response:   I stand corrected. Thank


comments = This is the most useful site I have ever visit .Thank you so
much for
your all  helpful effort . Keep going ,we need your help in future .    Rokeya

comments = on your multiplication page 4*3=7 is wrong so is the problem
from it.  
Response: corrected thank you

comments = My 5th grader daughter had a hard time to understand the
quotients method.
Thanks to your "teacher",she got it very easily.
Thank you

comments = I have a question.... the question is explain why the number
x + 5 < 8 is an inequality?  
Response: The Less than sign makes it an

comments = I love this!  I teach a GED class andl this site is an excellent
resource for my students.  Thanks.

comments = HI, enjoyed your site but found a big mistake in your roman
1-100 chart.  The numbers 17 and 18 are incorrect.
17 is written as XLII AND 18 is written as XLIII.  Maybe you would like to
correct it.
Thx, Carla

comments = This formula is incorrect -

If you know the circumference of a circle, the diameter can be found
using the
formula diameter = � / C
C  is the circumference of the circle and �  is Pi, approximately 3.142

the correct formula is Diameter = C / Pi

It is reversed on your page.

comments = Given the circumference of a circle, the formula to find the
is Dia = Circ/Pi.  
You have it as Dia = Pi/Circ.  

comment  = The video was very helpful. I used it to explain to students in
a quick review
of math. Thank You!
Savannah, GA

comments = Thank you! For guiding us step by step. This was very

comments = This is a great teaching method to learn the lattice method,
but I
could bearly hear it.  I have my volume to the max and I'm struggling to
what she is saying.  Otherwise, good instructional video.

comments = I am so thankful for Math A Tube .com It makes planning for
our subjects so much easier with so much to choose from.

comments = subrating and adding postive and negitive numbers

comments = this site is AWSOME!!

comments = Thank you so much for the help on "counting up
subtractions". I have
to admit that I had no idea what it was and my daughter had missed the
part of her math class today. Without your help, she would have taken an
sheet of paper in. She even wanted some extra problems to practice.
Way to go, Sheila Price

comments = you need to get more words like interest

comments = Hello, I just "stumbled" upon your website and having two
elem. age
children, both strugling in math, I am VERY excited by what your site
All pertinent math junk and easy quick links make this site an A++  I know
will be visiting often! Thanks
Thank you for your Feedback
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